AREDN Upgrade Nov 10 2018

AREDN Patch Icon

Thanks to the generous donation from the Irving Amateur Radio (IARC) for $1000.00.  Along with some other private donations.  The DARC AREDN Mesh network has been upgraded and expanded.

Mesh network upgrades were performed Sat Nov 10, 2018 to the DARC AREDN node at the 146.88 repeater site.   Special thanks to the work crew: AE5IV, KF5HXQ, KF5QOR, KE5JIT, KF5ZBL, WD5WIN and KG5EIU the existing AREDN node was replaced with 3 mesh nodes consisting of UBNT Rocket Radios each attached to a 120 degree sector antenna giving the site 360 degree ARDEN Mesh coverage.  A new mesh network mast was installed.  All the rocket M2 radios are powered from a UBNT 5 port Tough POE switch.  Additionally, capability for a 5.8Ghz back-haul radio was added to allow IP connectivity with a UBNT Nano-Beam AC Gen2 radio to the other DARC sites in the future.   Work started at 9am and was completed by 4pm.


Site coverage for ARDEN Mesh was vastly improved and connectivity can be seen in all directions.



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