2017 Whit and Anne Griffith Award Winner announced

As President of the DARC, it was my honor to present the 2017 Whit and Anne Griffith Community Service Award to a very deserving person at the April DARC General Meeting.  This Ham Operator was mentioned by several members and other Ham operators from other clubs.

With no further to do, I present Your 2017 Whit and Anne Griffith Award winner

David Cappello, KG5EIU


Here is the nomination recieved:

“I was at an event in early 2017 and a gentleman from an area club came up to me and said “your club should do something to recognize David for all the work he has done with all the area clubs in helping with Mesh”.  That was a point that has stuck with me, and also during a time when I did not realize that David was giving of his time to help other organizations in sharing his knowledge to get others excited about the amateur radio hobby.

Fast forward through the 2017 and the time I have become to know David better.  David is one who truly is willing to help in any area of the amateur radio hobby that he has knowledge of, which covers most of it, and areas that can help amateur radio operators, whether it be giving/feedback ideas on new radios, getting you interested with getting others involved and interested in the hobby or listening to him about ideas to move the DARC forward.

On a person side, David was also very helpful in helping give recommendations to Tom and I for our new beam, after the storm, and was there along with others, to help us put together and erect our new tower.

David is shy, until you get him started.  He is great with a presentation and it is an honor to have him as our Vice-President.”

Congratulations David Cappello, KG5EIU


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