Tech Net News 03-31-2018

ISS SSTV Image m0aeu-2014-12-18 (1)
Credit; M0AEU

The contest calendar is quiet tonight. Keep in mind, though, that the DARC could still use your participation at an in-person event this weekend. We’ll be out at the Frontiers of Flight Museum tomorrow and we hope you can join us.

The April DARC meeting is coming up soon! Old-Timers’ Night is one of our best programs, and we hope you can join us on Tuesday, April 3rd.

The slow-scan TV station on the ISS should be active this coming April. You can find out more here.

In the world of science:

The Year of the Bird is still going strong, and don’t forget the March theme: planting native plants to help your local birds.

Frogs are doing better! It looks like frogs are evolving resistance to the dreaded Bd fungus.

It’s been a bad week for malware as two major cities, Baltimore and Atlanta, have had their 911 systems taken hostage.

But it’s been a great week for walking on the beach, if you’re fascinated by the story of how people came to the Americas; archaeologists have found some 13,000-old footprints in British Columbia.

Finally, don’t forget to carry your umbrella and to watch out for pieces of Tiangong-1!

UPDATE: I somehow forgot to find a link to the juvenile tyrannosaur! It’s been in the news all week, and some of us like our science with sharp teeth.