Tech Net News 12-30-2017

Credit: Yosi I

There are no big contests this weekend, but Straight Key Night (really, it’s all day) is coming up on the New Year’s Day! Maybe I’ll finally make some CW contacts on the air.

Don’t forget to pay your dues on-line or by mail.

Remember, Winter Field Day is right around the corner. I’ll see you at the park on the afternoon and evening of the 27th, if the weather is good.

The first 630-meter amateur radio transatlantic contact since our new band has opened up has been reported.

Tonight’s Afterglow Movie Net is a little bit different: there will be an open discussion on how to make the net better. Please join in tonight on 146.88 MHz at 22:30 local.

And yes, there really will be a club meeting on the 2nd. I hope to see you there!

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