Tech Net News 10-21-2017

One of our long-time supporters has become a silent key. Please don’t forget all the help he gave to our club and our members!

And please don’t forget that we need your help for the Turkey Trot. I promise, I hate getting up early even more than you do. It’s still worth it.

There are two notable operating events this weekend: the Jamboree on the Air and the 10-10 CW Fall QSO Party. Please keep your ears open—Scouts may be trying to make contacts on our repeater.

Don’t forget our next Lecture and Lab is coming up next weekend. It’s an open forum: anything that’s fun, goes.

We have a surprise net coming up on October 30th. Have you thought of something surprising we should do? Let us know.

In the world of science:

There are meteors tonight! Go outside and see them. Even if you’re in the city, your chances of seeing one will be better than ordinary.

It’s hard to find a good story to link to on this one, but the discovery of some fossil great ape teeth in Germany is making waves among paleontologists. There has long been a  question that troubles scientists: did humans evolve in Africa, or is that simply the easiest place to find hominid fossils because of the climate? This discovery adds fuel to the debate.

If you feed birds, you might be helping to change them. I’ve seen birds that supposedly won’t feed from a feeder eating at one, so it could be that the most adventurous birds are raising more chicks and leading a wave of change.

It’s hard to explain this, but it’s really cool. The Middle East has features that are just as strange as the Nazca Lines.

And finally, because birds are awesome, I want to mention that scientists are still having trouble understanding why crows love to play. I don’t really understand why I enjoy building antennas, so understanding why crows play might always be beyond us.

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