Tech Net news 10-14-2017

Talk to a school club this week! Credit: ARRL

Another quiet week for contests…but the ARRL School Club Roundup will be going on all week. We also have the 60th anniversary JOTA coming up on October 21st, and the ARRL North Texas Mentorfest on the same day. JOTA volunteers should email N5BB or N5HYP at

Our last Lecture and Lab for the year, on October 28th, will be an open forum: you can work on an un-finished kit, have your antenna checked by a professional, or give a talk about what you’ve been up to. Please contact the club if you’d like to give a presentation.

In the world of science:

The Apollo 11 command module is coming to a city near us!

Aren’t you tired of hearing about cancer cures that only work in mice? It turns out that researchers are going through the same thing.

Has your personal information been leaked by Equifax? Don’t worry, they’ve been hacked again. This time, they’ll infect your PC. At least this has gotten the IRS to suspend their contract.

Do you want to hear something really scary? Click here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You should probably pull over to the side of the road first.

No, we’re not about to die in a supervolcano explosion.

And this is old news, but it’s really neat. Not only have ham radio operators (and thousands of others!) been helping with hurricane relief, but so have cab drivers.