Skynet 10-7-17 Giovanni Cassini & Constellation Andromeda 9PM CT


SKYNET!!!! 9PM CT – 10:30PM CT

Saturday’s Topic: “Giovanni Dominico Cassini” and “Tour of the Constellation Andromeda”

Net Control: Miss Carolyn KC5OZT

Afterglow Movie 10:30PM:

2-Meter Repeater W5FC: 146.880MHz, PL 110.9, –
Echolink: W5FC-R, node 37247.
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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

Discussion topic of the evening.

Giovanni Cassini

Solar Projection in San Petronio Bascilica

What can you see in the sky over the next couple of weeks?

Draconid Meteor

Draconid Meteor, Italy October 2011

Radiant Point

Six Shot Composite Image

A featured constellation or object(s) or topic.

Constellation Andromeda

Photo #1 Mirach and the Ghost of Mirach

Photo #2 Andromeda Galaxy (M31/NGC 224)

Photo #3 Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (M32/NGC 221)

Photo #4 Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (M110/NGC 205)

Recent Astronomical discoveries

Milky Way’s “Most Mysterious Star” Continues to Confound

Space Exploration and Space History

Possible Cradle of Life on Mars
Eridania region of Mars:
Estimated water depth in the Eridania basin:
Possible origin of deposits in Eridani basin:
Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days

Oct 14th

Oct 16th

Tiangong 2

Oct 8

North Korean Satellite

Oct 11

Oct 15

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