Tech Net News 08-12-2017

Have you heard a new net on Wednesday nights? It’s the CERT training net. All hams are welcome! We have more information on our nets page.

Don’t forget that this weekend is your last opportunity to pre-register for the August, 26th lecture and lab. Operators are standing by!

Information for this Monday’s Emcom 101 net is available.  Get ready…fall is the season of service!

There aren’t many contests going on this weekend, but the Straight Key Century Club is having their monthly Weekend Sprintathon. I’m going to give it a try in the morning! You should, too.

In the world of science:

What’s the most mysterious eclipse phenomenon? One so difficult to understand and record that there isn’t a single good photograph of it? Shadow bands! Be ready.

Your fruitcake is not old. This fruitcake is old. It might be the oldest one in existence.

Computer scientists are fascinated by the way that living systems can squeeze a lot of DNA into a small space. Your body contains a stunning amount of DNA…but in the future, that DNA might contain viruses and other computer malware.

I didn’t even know that amateurs could build submarines. But they do, and just like the real thing, they’re used to kill people. Even amateur submarines are potent weapons, it seems.

Most computers on board spacecraft are ridiculously terrible. Protecting computers against radiation usually involves making them perform very poorly. But future long-distance space voyages will need computers that actually do useful things, and so there is  now an experimental supercomputer in space.

Finally, if you thought cannibalism was something confined to distant islands in the Pacific Ocean…nope, it’s one of the finest traditions of jolly old England.

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