August 2017 Lecture and Lab: Information and Pre-Registration

Our August, 2017 Lecture and Lab will focus on the same antenna we discussed at our July meeting: the homebrew Buddipole. This is a simple, lightweight antenna that performs well, and if you visit our Lecture and Lab, you can leave with a finished antenna for your station or go-kit.

Our Lab will take place at the Dallas Medical Center on Saturday, August 26th, 2017. We’ll meet in the 3rd-floor community room from about 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM—though we’ll probably finish sooner. If you’re an early riser, the socializing usually starts at about 9:30. You’ll want to bring simple tools like a pencil, a saw (even the saw built into a pocket tool will work), a tape measure, a continuity tester, and perhaps a soldering iron. You should also bring your favorite feedline connector, such as a panel-mount SO-239, BNC, or N. You’ll need to provide your own mast to use the antenna at home. The club will have a couple of masts on hand to help with tuning up your antenna at the lab.

Because all the parts for this antenna can be bought here in the U.S., there’s enough time for the club to order more supplies if we get more interest than we expected. If you pre-pay your $25.00 fee for supplies by August 13th, we can guarantee that we’ll have enough parts on hand for you to build an antenna at the lab. If you bring cash to the lab, there’s a chance that there might not be enough parts to go around.

To pre-register, please click here and use PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account; any credit or debit card can be accepted. If you need to register more than one antenna, just change the quantity.

[Pre-Registration for the August 26th, 2017 Lecture and Lab has Expired.]


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