NTX AREDN In The Park Jul-30-2017

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The NTX AREDN Group will have AREDN-In-The-Park (AIP) event this Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 13:00-16:00 local time  at Richardson’s Custer park,

Come one come all!  This is an open event everyone is welcome.

The theme for this AIP (AREDN In The Park) is “Fun with Linphone”.  Linphone is a free SIP client that provides VoIP, video, text messaging, and more over the AREDN mesh.  Linphone runs under most operating systems on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.   Details and download links at: http://www.linphone.org
Anyone interested in AREDN is welcome to participate; it is not necessary to have AREDN equipment or experience.  If you have AREDN gear, however, and need help getting it configured and on-the-air, please bring it.  AIP’s provide an excellent opportunity to learn-by-doing, build camaraderie, and have fun!
As of this writing, here is the National Weather Service forecast for our start time:
 Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 1pm local time 
Temperature: 90 °F     Dewpoint: 68 °F     Heat Index: 94 °F     Surface Wind: ESE 8mph
Sky Cover (%): 38%     Precipitation Potential (%): 10%     Relative Humidity (%): 49%
Rain: <10%     Thunder: <10%
Since this AIP focus is on VOIP and Linphone – it is suggested you have the free app installed on your mobile phone/tablet Mac or PC prior to arrival.   Configuration and operation will be discussed.  If available a working headset and mic for your mobile device, tablet PC or Mac would be very useful.
Some initial setup details can be reviewed at:

More Details Here and the NTX-AREDN Group