Tech Net News and Announcements 07-01-2017

The 13 Colonies Special Event is going on right now. Get on the air…see if you can make a clean sweep!

Please remember that the next club meeting will be on July 11th, not the 4th.

Dallas CERT is looking for experienced hams who can help CERT members put their new technician licenses to work. They will be holding a training event on the afternoon of Sunday, July 9th, and they’re looking for experienced hams to help out. If you contact the club, we’ll forward you email to Cassandra Wallace at the City of Dallas.

I love civilization, and I love clean, safe drinking water even more than I love electricity, and that’s saying a lot. Without safe water you get the world’s largest cholera outbreak.

Want more gross news from the world of science? It looks like sea pickles are flooding the pacific coast of the US.

At least some of this week’s science news is happy: NASA is 100% positive that it has not been kidnapping children to work as slaves in a Mars colony.

SpaceX has had two big successes, and they’re going for a third!

And finally, don’t forget, there’s an eclipse coming up!



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