DARC July 2017 Meeting

The July 11, 2017 DARC club meeting will feature an antenna building presentation by Tony Medina (NT5TM).  Join the DARC crew for this exciting presentation details on the meeting location are here on this link.

mendina july meeting antenna

Tony will present about building a homemade Buddipole portable dipole.

Designed by Budd Drummond, W3FF, the Buddipole is a popular commercial and DIY antenna that provides a lightweight, multi-band solution for portable HF stations. With its telescoping whips, short sections of plastic pipe, and small loading coils, the Buddipole is easy to carry, set up, and take down. However, it might surprise many hams to learn that it’s also easy to construct. Tony’s presentation will cover construction tips and tricks, the theory behind the antenna’s design, and his experiences using the antenna on the air. Interested members will have a chance to build this antenna at the August 2017 Lecture and Lab.
Tony is an active DARC member, a past president of the DARC, and an enthusiastic antenna builder. If it’s made of metal, he’ll eventually try to use it for JT-65.

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