NTX AREDN Group – AIP Mar-12-2017

AREDN Patch Icon

The NTX AREDN Group will have the first AREDN-in-the-Park (AIP) in 2017, Sunday, March 12, at 1400 at Richardson’s Custer park.

Come one come all!  The focus of this AIP is to setup, configure, and test GSWave as our first consensus mesh VoIP service. Bring your smartphones, as well as your analog/ATA phone gear. Please invite anyone that is interested in AREDN so that they can meet us and experience portable nodes and mesh services in operation; if they have Ubiquity gear, suggest that they bring it.

As of this writing, here is the National Weather Service forecast for our start time:

Sunday,  March 12 at 2pm
Temperature: 50 °F Dewpoint: 38 °F Wind Chill: 47 °F Surface Wind: ENE 7mph
Sky Cover (%): 53% Precipitation Potential (%): 0% Relative Humidity (%): 63%
Rain: <10% Thunder: <10% Snow: <10% Freezing Rain: <10% Sleet: <10%

More Details Here


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