Winter Field Day 2017 Was FUN

DARC Winter Field Day 2017
DARC Winter Field Day 2017 Dreyfus Point White Rock Lake Dallas TX

Winter Field Day 2017 is over and was a first for the DARC.  The DARC spent the better part of Sat Jan 28, 2017 out at Dreyfus Point on White Rock Lake Park in Dallas TX.

 WFD was a big success and everybody had fun.  The bands were not that good but we were running a three station setup – 3O (Three Oscar, NTX) and had SSB, CW and Digital contacts.   The final tally is forthcoming from Tony NT5TM.  Special thanks to all that helped out with setup, operations and tear down and munchies – without out you it wouldn’t have been a success.   Some photo galleries below – if you have a gallery and want to share it drop us a note here with your link.


Photo Gallery From Bill KF5ZBL

Photo Gallery From David KG5EIU

2 thoughts on “Winter Field Day 2017 Was FUN

  1. There was quite a bit of work, but we proved that we could make this event come together and we had a lot of fun. The hot dogs were nicely burned, the chili was tasty, the windbreaks were great, and we had a great view of the lake.

    I have no complaints, except about the solar cycle.


  2. I would like to thank all that attended this event. There was about 20-25 people that showed up throughout the day. Those there had a lot of fun braving the weather, it wasn’t too cold but was rather windy. We learned a few things about computer power supplies and generators. Gus (W5GUS) brought out some great Chili that went good with the hotdogs.

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