JT-65: Big Contacts, Small Station, Tiny Antenna

JT65-HF-HB9HQX 6M contact
JT-65 is a digital mode designed for weak-signal work.

Sure you can use a tremendously huge rig with very large antennas, but where’s the fun in that?  JT-65 will allow you to work the world with QRP power and far-less-than-perfect antenna. It is a wonderful mode for those who want to play radio in restricted environments.

Learn more about this exciting digital mode at the next DARC General member meeting August 2, 2016 where  Pat Hykkonen , NT5PH will present  JT-65.

About Pat Hykkonen (NT5PH) – He was first licensed in the latter part of the eighth decade of last century. His original interest in ham radio stemmed from digital modes, specifically packet radio. He still works with new digital modes and looks forward to ever more powerful computers that will create interesting new ways of playing radio. Pat works as in Information Security Director to support his addiction to amateur radio.

JT65 Contacts Google Earth View
Sample JT65 Contacts from Dallas TX at 25W