Midnight Movie at Flag Pole Hill Field Day


It is the future – 1968. Another day at the old grind. Dr. Robert Morgan starts his day with coffee, a little breakfast, some early grayline ham radio contacts and, of course, killing off the rapidly expanding zombie population in the neighborhood.

However, things are getting repetitive around the old neighborhood. Morgan, realizing he is getting the ARRL “WORKED NO STATES” award again for the third year in a row, decides to get out of the house and meet other people.

He finds “Ruth” a nice girl – resistant to the evil virus – and a great dancer. But it’s not long before her zombie boyfriends are out to get Morgan – mostly because of his excessive 5-9-9 reports.

Join us at MIDNIGHT, during Field Day 2016 for our outdoor showing of “The Last Man on Earth”. We’ll also rerun the ever popular film, “The Last Ham on Earth”…

Flag Pole Hill – This weekend!