Geek Net Links 06-24-2019

Texas just after the Great Dying, about 250 million years ago.

Usually I don’t post links for the Geek Net, but I’m pretty sleepy from Field Day…I might miss something. So, here are some items I might be mentioning during the net! If you have anything you’d like to add, please contact the club or just post a comment for this post.

If you’ve seen a beautiful freezing soap bubble video, here’s the story behind it.

The latest news about methane on Mars is interesting, but not exciting…yet.

The first-ever night launch of a Falcon Heavy is coming up tonight sometime at or after 10:30 pm. There will be lots of payloads on this one, including the remains of 152 dead people and a very interesting atomic clock.

Updates: Calvin, W7KYG, reports that the Raspberry Pi 4 is now out!

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UPDATED: Geek Net, 8/22/2016: Shortwave Strangeness.

dorchester_antenna_closeup-728x760Have you ever heard a numbers station? Did you ever hear the Russian Woodpecker? I can recognize the sound of an ionosonde, but I don’t know much more than that…and I’d like to learn more. This Monday, I plan to talk about odd things we’ve heard on the radio. Bring your news of the weird. Bring you wild shortwave stories. Bring your secret key to understanding Swedish Rhapsody, and join us on the 146.88 repeater this Monday, August 22nd, at 7:00 PM.

Some of the resources I mentioned on the air are listed below.

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