July 2023 Meeting Presentation: Fox Hunting on the Cheap

Anthony Mendina, NT5TM, is pictured next to the marker tag for a hidden radio fox.The July, 2023 DARC meeting presentation, titled “How I Got Started in Fox Hunting Without Spending Much Money,” will be presented by Tony Mendina, NT5TM. He’ll talk about the very basic equipment that’s needed for VHF and UHF fox hunting—which most hams already have—and the step-by-step process of finding a fox that works best for beginners. He will also discuss some optional, easy-to-build equipment that you can use to improve your hunt experience, advice for planning a route around danger, the technique of using a map to save time, and good (and bad) places to take a bearing. A special bonus activity of poison ivy recognition practice will be included!

If you missed my presentation, please have a look!

Getting Started in Fox Hunting: Saving Money, Having fun, and Avoiding Poison Ivy