The “New Carolina Windom”

Simplified diagram of a New Carolina Windom AntennaN. T. “Len” Carlson, K4IWL was a long-time DARC member before he retired to Florida, and his article about his favorite multi-band antenna was a popular page on our old website. I’ve looked in the club archives and found his paper for your reading—and on-air—pleasure.

Multi-band antennas can be very tricky to build and tune, but if you put in the effort required to adjust them, you can have a lot of fun.

Have a look at his article here.

2 thoughts on “The “New Carolina Windom”

  1. Randy, the heat sounds terrible, but the conversation sounds good. I met Len a few times, but each occasion was brief. The first time was the night I first joined the club: he showed off some of his latest tiny QRP projects, like a manually-switched antenna tuner in a tiny metal box.

  2. We spoke to him for over an hour and a half when we went to our first Field Day – DARC was in a small location (Pavilion was being remodeled) and it was 112 degrees outside. He had a tent set up so the temperature seemed hotter). Len was very good in discussing in details about antennas.