146.880 Repeater Status

During the July 2020 DARC Board Meeting, the issue of noise on the DARC 146.880 repeater was discussed. It was agreed we would reach out to Bernie K5BP, our Technical Officer to discuss and get his consultation. Since that time, Tom KE5ICX Repeater Trustee, KF5ZBP President and David KG5EIU Vice-President have continued to monitor and do some testing offsite.

After a discussion with Bernie K5BP on July 9, 2020 we have put the following plan in motion:
We will continue to monitor 146.880 for any further issues and will make a site visit on Sunday July 12, 2020.

Tony NT5TM will be doing street level inspection July 10, 2020 to view antennas to make sure, visually, they are all upright, aka, no movement due to high winds etc.
Sunday morning July 12, 2020, a team meet at site location (early to try and get ahead of the heat) and test equipment: i.e. connections, do visual inspection of area, and test equipment.  This will give us an idea of any issues discovered and allow us to put together any action plans needed to correct the problem with noice that is being heard. Stay tuned for updates.