Skynet 2-22-20 “Five Things You May Not Know About Leap Day” 9PM CT

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Saturday’s Topic: “Five Things You May Not Know About Leap Day”

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Leap Year
Discussion Topic of the Evening.

Five Things You May Not Know About Leap Day

Calculating a Leap Year

Jewish Calendar Showing the Sequence of Months

Fasti Antiates Maiores (Ancient Roman) Calandar

Mercedonius Month (on tablet facade)

Julius Caesar–VGGvCruUhjlACLcBGAs/s640/

Egyptian Solar Calendar

Gregorian Calendar Leap Shifting

Leap-Year Precautions for Bachelors

Leapling Dinah Shore
Space Exploration and Space History
Waz Up?
Miss Carolyn’s Constellation of the Month/Topic of the Week
Space Launches For This Week
Space Coast Launches

Upcoming Rocket Launch List

Space Flight Now Launch Schedule

Launch Schedule

Feb. 25
Astra Rocket 3.0 • DARPA Launch Challenge 1
Launch window: 2030-2330 GMT (3:30-6:30 p.m. EST)
Launch site: Pacific Spaceport Complex, Kodiak Island, Alaska
Astra Space’s Rocket 3.0 will lift off on its first orbital launch attempt under the auspices of DARPA’s Launch Challenge. The DARPA Launch Challenge aims to incentivize a launch company to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility by launching two missions from two different launch pads (both at the same spaceport) into two different orbits in a one-month span, with just days of advance notice. On the first mission of the DARPA Launch Challenge, Astra’s Rocket 3.0 will attempt to deliver a Prometheus CubeSat into orbit for the U.S. military and two ARCE CubeSats from the University of South Florida to test inter-satellite communications links. A Space Object Automated Reporting Systems payload will remain attached to the Astra Rocket 3.0’s upper stage. [Feb. 20]

March 2
Falcon 9 • SpaceX CRS 20
Launch time: 0645 GMT (1:45 a.m. EST)
Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the 22nd Dragon spacecraft mission on its 20th operational cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station. The flight is being conducted under the Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. Delayed from Oct. 15 and March 1. [Jan. 27]

March 4
Falcon 9 • Starlink 5
Launch time: TBD
Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch the sixth batch of approximately 60 satellites for SpaceX’s Starlink broadband network, a mission designated Starlink 5. Delayed from January and Feb. 14. [Feb. 20]

March 6
Soyuz • Falcon Eye 2
Launch time: 0133 GMT on 6th (8:33 p.m. EST)
Launch site: ELS, Sinnamary, French Guiana
An Arianespace Soyuz rocket, designated VS24, will launch on a mission from the Guiana Space Center in South America. The Soyuz will carry the Falcon Eye 2 high-resolution Earth-imaging satellite for the United Arab Emirates. Built by Airbus Defense and Space with an optical imaging payload from Thales Alenia Space, Falcon Eye 2 is the second of two surveillance satellites ordered by the UAE’s military. The Soyuz 2-1a (Soyuz ST-A) rocket will use a Fregat upper stage. Delayed from Oct. 15 and November. Switched from a Vega launcher after the launch failure with the Falcon Eye 1 spacecraft. [Jan. 10]
Recent Astronomical Discoveries
Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.

Feb. 22

LightSail 2

Feb. 23

North Korean Satellite

Feb. 23

Feb. 27

Mar. 1


Feb. 27

Feb. 28


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