Skynet 8-24-19 “NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization” & “The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation (Part 2) 9PM CT

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Saturday’s Topic: “NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization” & “The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation (Part 2)”

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“The Coneheads” (1993)

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

Tonight’s Topic: “NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization”

Discussion topic of the Evening.

NASA In-Situ Resource Utilization

“Using Space-Based Resources for Human Missions in Deep Space

Autonomous Robotic Excavation (Extracting Water)

Autonomous Robotic Excavation (Methane Rocket Production)

“Lunar Flashlight” on Moon

Mars 2020 Rover

Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operation Robot

Space Exploration and Space History

Space Exploration News

Chandrayaan-2 in lunar orbit

This Week in Space History

August 20th, 1975: Viking 1 Launched

August 20th, 1977: Voyager 2 launched

August 21st, 1965: Gemini 5

August 22nd, 1989: Voyager 2 Neptune flyby

Great Dark Spot
and Triton;

Waz Up?

Chaz covers:
Moon Phases
Constellation and Navigation Tips and Factoids
Sunrise and Sunset Features
Q and A

Miss Carolyn’s Constellation of the Week

Special Topic: Tsiolkovsky and the Rocket Equation (Part 2)

Rocket Equation for “Saturn V / Shuttle” Size Rockets

Tsiolkovsky Equation

Illustrated Rocket Equation

Space Launches For This Week

Recent Astronomical Discoveries

Stardust in the Antarctic Snow

Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.

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Aug 27


Aug 28

OTV 5 (USA 277)

Aug 24