Skynet 7-6-19 The Tunguska Event & Death from Outer Space! 9 PM CT

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Saturday’s Topic: “The Tunguska Event & Death From Outer Space”

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“Somewhere in Time” (1980)

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

The Tunguska Event and Death from Outer Space

Tunguska Event Location

Kulik Leonid Alekseevich

Tunguska Fallen Trees (1927)

Chelyabinsk Event Video (2013)

Asteroid Redirect Mission

Waz Up?

Chaz covers:
Moon Phases
Constellation and Navigation Tips and Factoids
Sunrise and Sunset Features
Q and A

Recent Astronomical Discoveries

Fast Radio Burst Pinpointed ot Distant Galaxy

Earliest Example of Merging Galaxies

Space Exploration and Space History

June 23rd, 1930: Birth of Donn Eisele

June 24th, 1946: Birth of Ellison Onizuka

June 24th, 1999: Death of Hugo Woerdemann, K6TE

June 30th, 1914: Birth of Vladimir Chelomei

July 3rd, 1935: Birth of Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, only scientist to visit the Moon

This Week in Space History

June 24th, 1974: Launch of Salyut 3 (Almaz 1)

June 26th, 1971: Kaboom! Failure of N1-L3 6L

June 30th, 1908: The Tunguska Event wrecks lumber and kills livestock

June 30th, 1971: Landing of Soyuz 11 and death of its crew in space

June 30th, 1995: Release of Apollo 13

June 30th, 2001: WMAP is launched

July 2nd, 1985: launch of Giotto

July 3rd, 1969: N1 5L fails to clear the tower, explodes

July 5th, 1687: Publication of Principia Mathematica

Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.
Interactive Sky Chart with PDF Option

Annual Solar Eclipses

Solar System



Amateur Radio Satellites – All Passes

Now onto the satellite passes for this week:

Tiangong 2

July 11

OTV 5 (USA 277)

July 13