Tech Net News 06-22-2019

Screen-Shot-2019-06-10-at-3.00.22-PMIt’s Field Day! That’s really the only news in the world of ham radio, and the only announcement for tonight. If you can’t come out and visit the DARC, be sure to find a Field Day site near you, or just operate from home. You can use commercial power, or try out your emergency batteries for more points.

In news from the world of science:

When we think of “the environment,” we usually think of “the country.” But city dwellers are important, too, and it looks like city folks could be the key to saving the monarch butterfly as milkweeds disappear from rural areas.

There’s no cheese on the moon, but there’s a big mass of metal—it’s five times the size of Hawaii’s Big Island—hiding near the south pole. It could be the remains of a giant asteroid that impacted the moon, or a product of the way the moon formed. Either way, it’s one of the most interesting findings to come out of NASA’s GRAIL mission.

Don’t you hate it when your dog runs away? At least you don’t have to spend eight years going through old radar data to try to find it. A team of astronomers think they’ve found a famous lost dog: Snoopy, the lunar module from Apollo 10!

And “domestic science” isn’t nearly as cool as, say, rescuing butterflies…but it’s pretty important too. One of the latest findings (aside from how many crazy germs live in our dishwashers) is that years and years of TV marketing have taught most of us to wash most clothes way too often. There are even new online guides to help fix the problem. Though, if you’ve been helping put up antennas for Field Day, you should wash your clothes and shower soon. Trust me.