Tech Net News 06-15-2019

SolarCycle25 Get ready: Field Day is coming! Be sure to sign up if you’d like to reserve some time on one of the radios.

There’s no separate Lecture and Lab event this month; we’ll be having an educational event at Field Day instead.

Remember, if you have announcements you’d like to share, just let the club know and one of our members will update this news post—even during the net.

The contest calendar is mostly quiet, but the June edition of the Stew Perry Topband Challenge is in progress; if you like 160-meter CW, now’s the time to get on the air. If you need contacts in West Virginia, their state QSO party is happening this weekend.

In news from the world of amateur radio:

Today was ARRL Kids’ Day. Did you get on the air? Did you help any kids have some fun?

Unfortunately, the ARRL reports that over-the-horizon radars continue to plague amateur radio, as well as the usual pirate radio stations and illegal drift-net beacons.

And some, but not all, of the presentations from Ham-Com are now online!

In news from the world of science:

In Tanzania, flamingo conservation is doing great! National and local government efforts have boosted the population at the world’s most important flamingo breeding site, Lake Natron.

I missed this one last week, but a storm chaser has actually launched a rocket into a tornado, and gathered useful data!

Doctors might finally have figured out what causes the infamous “hardening of the arteries.”

And last, but not least, if you saw Dr. Tamitha Skov’s presentation at Ham-Com, you got to see some cool graphs and hear her take on the very, very vague forecast for solar cycle 25 that NOAA has released. Her presentation’s not on-line yet, but you might want to take a look at the forecast that she was commenting on.


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