Lecture and Lab, April 27th SolderFest! 10AM – 2PM

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Lecture and Lab, April 27th, “Solderfest!”  Build a Borg LED Cube

This month’s L&L will be a “mixed bag” with several things going on at the same time. So the plan is a soldering exercise, continued DRAWS discussion for those who missed it in March with additional information on using AX.25 and some newly learned “tricks” involving interaction with the APRS system.

Remember, it’s more than just “position reporting” its a “radio network”!

We also have several unassembled Digital Volt Meters waiting for your expert soldering skills ($15 each). Also we’ve got what I guess I can describe as a “Borg Cube” LED display to build. I couldn’t turn down the price, which was $20 for each.

Unfortunately I could only order 5 as that’s all they had in stock. Anywho, it’s called a 3D Squared DIY Kit 8x8x8 LED Cube White LED Blue Light Board. I think it’s easier to simply call it the “Borg Cube”. I think this will be a challenging but rewarding project and something geeky enough, once completed, you’ll put on display in your shack (next to that Starship Enterprise model. Admit it ­ you have one somewhere in the house). I will say it comes with a 5v USB cable to plug into your computer. You may want to use a spare RPi power supply to power this baby.

Here is the video and instructions for the kit.  Note the recommended tools.

8x8x8 LED Cube DIY Kit – How To Build and Review


Dallas Medical Center

7 Medical Center Way

3rd Floor Community Room

10:00AM – 2PM

“Bring Your Soldering Station!”

Talk-in 146.880MHz PL 110.9 Hz