Tech Net News 11-03-2018

spacex starman small MTU0MTIxNzQyOQ==
Credit: SpaceX

The next club meeting will be on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. Dr. Tim, N6DIY, will present on different types of code keys.

Our surprise net on October 29th, about mysterious disappearances, was a big success! We might even have found all the socks that disappeared in your washing machine over the years. The club has another surprise net coming up on New Year’s Eve. What should we do? Let us know!

It’s time to sign up for Turkey Trot! It’s just about the neatest thing you can do with your holiday morning, and you get to sleep in—we’re not getting started until 6:00 am this year.

The contest calendar is pretty quiet, except for one big event: the ARRL November Sweepstakes, CW weekend. The phone sweekpstakes will be coming up on the third weekend of this month.

I haven’t seen any news from the world of ham radio for this week, but if you have some, please share it during the net.

In news from the world of science:

It looks like colored or speckled eggs aren’t unique to modern birds; they were present in the group of dinosaurs that birds are descended from. Not only is that neat—but it’s getting really impressive how closely fossils can be analyzed.

The Nobel prizes have already been awarded, but one scientist is arguing that gravitational waves have not, in fact, been discovered.

Used cars may someday become an important class of “space junk.” One Tesla Roadster, in fact, has now passed outside the orbit of Mars.

Do you wanna see something really scary? Watch this booster fail to separate from a Soyuz booster.

And, sigh, this is the weekend that we “fall back” into darkness. I think changing time twice a year is amazingly stupid. But in case it helps, here are some survival tips. Drive safely! Time changes cause spikes in the number of car crashes during the days after the change.

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