Tech Net News 10-20-2018

2018JOTA-Patch-Design-300x297Don’t forget that Tech Net on the Hill is coming up. The details have been posted! Also, Turkey Trot is approaching fast, and you should sign up to help. It’s a really unique way to spend a holiday morning!

The contest and special event calendar has some fun events for this weekend. Jamboree on the Air is going on right now. Have you heard any Scouts on the air?

We also have the 10-10 International Fall CW QSO Party and State QSO parties in New York and Illinois. The biggest contest this weekend, though, is the Pre-Stew: the fall edition of the Stew Perry Distance Challenge, a famously friendly 160-meter contest.

UPDATE: Larry, N5PQO, brought this article to the net on AI speech recognition and amateur radio. “Make amateur radio cool again!”

UPDATE: Bill, KF5ZBL, provided a link with more information about the dish slot antenna that Gus, W5GUS, mentioned during the net.

In the strangest ham news I’ve ever heard, a Norwegian radio amateur is being prevented from leaving Chad due to the intervention of their National Police, who seem confused by his operating permit and antennas. Details are scarce, but eagerly awaited.

In news from the world of science:

Would you like to drink some bird tears? I hear they’re very tasty, if you’re a moth.

Groves of aspen trees are often, really, one big organism with a common root system. But the world’s largest known grove is under threat: a lack of wolves and a lack of hunters is leading to too much damage from deer. Anyone for venison stew?

Disappointingly, it turns out that electrons really are small and round. Apparently that wasn’t scientists were hoping for.

And the world’s new fastest camera—10 trillion frames per second—is so fast that it can film pulses of light in slow motion.



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