Tech Net News 10-06-2018

cedar waxwing 1280px-Cedar_Waxwing-27527-1
Yes, this bird needs a sobriety test. Credit: Ken Thomas

Don’t forget to set your alarm and review the communications plan. Lifewalk is tomorrow morning! If you signed up but haven’t received the communications plan, please get in touch with the club now!

Tech Net on the Hill is coming up in three weeks. Mark your calendars: we’ll be at Flag Pole Hill from 2 pm to 9 pm on Saturday, October 27th. Please plan to participate—and consider sharing what you know with others.

Don’t forget that tickets for our Winter Dinner raffle are for sale at all our club activities.

And finally, we have a surprise net coming up on October 29th. Do you have a spooky or surprising idea for a net? Let the club know.

In news from the world of ham radio:

ARISS and AMSAT are raising money to upgrade the Amateur Radio equipment on the International Space Station. Pitch in, if you can. Both students and adult hams have benefited from this great outreach tool.

A MARS exercise is coming up this month and hams are invited to participate. You’ll want to listen to 60 meter channel 1, 5,330.5 kHz USB, at 00:01 UTC on October 24th to find out more.

In news from the world of science:

My gosh, that’s a very nice doorstop you’ve got there! A meteorite that was used as a doorstop from the 1930s on turns out to be worth about $100,000.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe we’re in the 21st century. An outbreak of typhus (not typhoid) has struck downtown LA.

And if that’s got you down, why not hang out with the birds and have a drink or six? Just be careful not to fly into any windows. Cedar waxwings, the birds in question, are famous for having too much to drink when they can get it, and they’re common here in Dallas, too.

And finally, it looks like not only was interbreeding between humans, Neanderthals, and Denisovans was more common and successful than usually believed, viruses helped transfer genes between different kinds of human, too.