Hurricane Net Advisory Sept. 2018

hurricane map snippetCarolyn Womack, KC5OZT, has sent over some information about possible hurricane nets, originally provided by Rusty Plocheck, WE5TXS. Please keep these frequencies in mind, in case you’d like to listen to, in or stay clear of, emergency operations.

Hurricane Watch Net
14.325 Daytime
7.268 Night time

14.265 National
7.262 Southern Territory

Georgia ARES Emergency Plan
3.975 Primary Voice
3.982, 3.995, 5.330.5 and 7.287.5 Alternate Voice

North Carolina ARES Emergency Plan
3.923 Voice
7.232 Alternate
3.573 C.W.

South Carolina ARES Emergency Plan
3.990 Voice
3.993.5, 7.232 Alternate Voice