Tech Net News 08-11-2018

baby squirrel credit karlsruhe police _102929576_048601307
Credit: Polizei Karlsruhe

The summer’s heat is still strong, but the end is in sight. That means that the DARC is becoming more active! We’re looking for short, 20-25-minute presentations for our Tech Net on the Hill event this October 27th. Please get in touch with us and volunteer! We also need folks who can share something cool in 5 minutes or less: our next meeting is a show and tell night.

Our next Lecture and Lab will be on Saturday, August 25th. We’ll have a few antenna analyzer kits for $45.00…but even if you don’t get a kit, you can still learn how to use the equipment you order on your own.

The contest calendar is pretty quiet, but you might want to try and participate in the Maryland/DC QSO party, going on now. It’s actually in the rules that you are required to “Have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.” So, you’d better enjoy yourself. You have been warned.

In ham news, a startling new budget would eliminate the WWV time signals, and many of the other NIST outreach activities that scientists rely on.

The new commander of U. S. submarine forces is also known as Chas, W4HFZ. I can’t think of a better hobby for a sailor than amateur radio!

It’s hoped that 4U1UN could be back on the air later this year. It’s surprising that New York City is a most-wanted DXCC entity, but life is surprising sometimes.

In news from the world of science:

Ravens are being trained to collect trash in a French amusement park. CAWWWW! Don’t litter, silly hunann!

Protecting birds can take some knowledge and skill. In particular, don’t dismantle shorebird nests and move the eggs so that you can play volleyball.

Baby squirrels are terrifying! I mean really, who hasn’t seen a baby squirrel and demanded an armed response to prevent cuddling? The police in Karlsruhe, Germany, now have a new mascot.

The famous Parker Solar Probe is stuck on the ground, but hopefully not for long.

I haven’t seen a single Perseid yet. We’ve got clouds here, and some folks are troubled by smoke from giant wildfires. Is that what QRS? means?

New Horizons is still on its way to Ultima Thule, but in the meantime, it’s photographed the wall. Not that one…another one, made of hydrogen. But Voyager fans can rest easy; New Horizons will never pass Voyager 1.

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