Tech Net News 06-02-2018 is it—the big month. Ham-Com is just around the corner, and Field Day is coming up fast. Our next club meeting is going to be all about Field Day, and we’ve got plenty to do to make sure our event at Flag Pole Hill is a success. I hope you’ll join us!

But before we get to Field Day, there’s Ham-Com. The DARC always hosts an informational table, and we could use your help. There’s also a Wouff Hong ceremony coming up on Friday night…Jay, W5GM, needs your help to make it happen. Please sign up on-line. Note:  this link is now corrected!

In ham news, Field Day is the big story; there’s not much going on on the air, but you might enjoy the Kentucky QSO Party or the 10-10 PSK QSO Party.

In news from the world of science:

Interestingly, the dwarf planet (and former 9th planet) Pluto might be a giant comet, or at least largely made out of comet nuclei.

We all know that dogs eat poop. It’s disgusting, but they do it, and they are pretty determined about it. It turns out that dogs’ bad habits might have played a key part in their domestication.

I like to walk; I like to walk the dog, despite what I just said about what dogs eat. And it turns out that walking fast is even better for you than I thought.

It’s worth mentioning that two famous space probes are still doing good work: the Dawn mission to two asteroids, and the ESA’s Mars Express.

And finally, don’t forget that this is the Year of the Bird! It turns out that birds don’t just spread seeds, they spread insect eggs too. On the other hand, it seems that modern, high-efficiency agriculture has not been a good thing for rural birds and many rural species are in decline.