Lecture and Lab 5-26-18 “SDR Radio – Part 2”

cloud_sdr_software2Our next “Lecture and Lab” will be “Software Defined Radio on the Cheap” (Part 2).

Our original “SDR on the Cheap” was a big success and we now have 12 hams with working SDR’s.  This month we’ll be doing something more ambitious.  Intercepting and decoding digital signals.  So bring your SDR device and be ready to learn how to decode DMR, D-Star, P25 and others, if we have time. 

If you do not have an SDR radio, just Google RTL-SDR and buy one on line and bring it to the meeting.  They are under $25 from most suppliers and delivered to you within a week.

We will be working with Windows SDR# (SDR Sharp) software.  Which is free and downloadable.

ALSO:  If you don’t have an SDR radio/dongle – don’t fret – we’ll also be looking at websites which have active SDR-RTL radios connected to the internet which your can control from your own computer!  How cool is that?

Bring your laptop, RTL-SDR USB (if you have one), and an antenna which can be attached to your RTL-SDR USB antenna connector. (A 2 meter antenna is fine – or a long wire).

Lecture and Lab May 26th, 10AM – 2PM

Dallas Medical Center

3rd Floor Conference Room

7 Medical Center Way

Farmers Branch, TX

Free Parking!

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