Skynet 4-28-18 “10 Weird Objects” & Constellation Canes Venatici 9PM CT

cfbdsir2149SKYNET!!!!  9PM CT – 10:30PM CT

Saturday’s Topic: “10 Weirdest Objects in the Universe”  and “Tour of the Constellation Canes Venatici”

Net Control: Billye KF5PDS

Afterglow Movie 10:30PM: Battlefield Earth (2000)

2-Meter Repeater W5FC: 146.880MHz, PL 110.9, –

Echolink: W5FC-R, node 37247. Search “DARC Skynet” Search “DARC Skynet” Search “KE5ICX”

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Saturday’s DARC SkyNet is at 9PM CT.

Discussion topic of the evening.

The 10 Weirdest Objects in the Universe

What can you see in the sky over the next couple of weeks?


East, Nightfall/Early Evenings

Opposition Mechanics

A featured constellation or object(s) or topic.

Constellation Canes Venatici

Photo #1 Globular Cluster (M3)

Photo #2 Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

Photo #3 Sunflower Galaxy (M63)

Photo #4 Barred Spiral Galaxy (M94)

Photo #5 Intermediate Spiral Galaxy (M106)

Photo #6 Whale Galaxy (NGC 4631)

Photo #7 Inclined Spiral Galaxy (NGC 5033)

Photo #8 Hockey Stick Galaxy (NGC 4656)

Recent Astronomical discoveries

Assembly of Massive Galaxy Cluster Witnessed for the First Time

Projectile Cannon Experiments Show How Asteroids can Deliver Water

Space Exploration and Space History

Upgraded emergency communications ground stations for the ISS

Upgraded VHF antenna:

Soyuz with VHF antenna:

Existing VHF antenna at Wallops:

Uranus smells like rotten eggs


28th Anniversary Hubble Image: Lagoon Nebula

Visible satellite passages over the next couple of days.


April 29th

May 2nd

Tiangong 2

May 5th

Hubble Space Telescope

April 29th

April 30th

May 1st

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