Lecture and Lab 2-24-17 Mini Tesla Coil Kit! 10AM – 2PM


The signal generator kits are MIA! I can’t find the dog gone things.

So, until they resurface at the “Lost and Found” I have something even more fun (and perhaps even sinister).

The DIY Mini Tesla Coil Kit! Why yes! From the man who brought us the “Tesla Death Ray” comes a scaled down home version for our times. This little device will not only produce electrical lightning to amaze your friends, but it also plays music! Yes music.

You will need a 15-24v DC power supply (you know you’ve got one somewhere).
Bring correct change and build one this weekend at the monthly DARC “Lecture and Lab” 10AM – 2PM.

This will be an easy build, but think of the educational opportunities after you unleash this baby on family members and local kids!

Saturday, Feb. 24th
Dallas Medical Center
7 Medical Center Way
Farmers Branch, TX
3rd Floor Conference Room
Free Parking!
10AM – 3PM
Kit is $15 – which is my cost.

We have an assembly video too!

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