Tech Net News 02-10-2017

skywarnLogoThe Irving Hamfest is fast approaching! You can buy tickets on-line, and even more importantly, you can volunteer to help out. The need for hams to help with set-up and take-down is particularly significant. The DARC supports this event, and we benefit from the proceeds, so please—do your part.

Texas State Parks on the Air will be taking place this April 7th and 8th, so now’s the time to look for a state park that you can activate. You can contact the Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub for more information.

And don’t forget: the Dallas County SKYWARN training event is just one week away! Head on over to the Granville Performing Arts Center on Saturday the 17th and learn from the best. There’ll be food trucks, ham merchandise vendors, door prizes, and good fellowship, too.

In the world of science:

Scientists have verified that making tools isn’t just something crows do for fun; it has a big payoff that the birds can appreciate.

The famous VLC media player—found on all my computers and phones—has just received a major update.

Experiments with an uncommon form of UV light might help us prevent the flu from spreading…well, next season, anyway.

The toughest competitor at the 2018 Winter Olympics might just be the norovirus that is now spreading at the games. You can’t kill viruses with hand sanitizer! But ordinary soap apparently works.

Are you hearing interference on the HF bands? It might be due to Red Flag.

And finally, what are your favorite videos of the Falcon Heavy launch? Share them at the club’s Facebook page.