Tech Net News 11-25-2017. Gobble Gobble!

AMSATALTLOGO6The contest calendar for this weekend has a big event on it: the CQ WW DX CW contest! It’s going on right now.

Richard Bartlett, KE6LOU, a former PSO for the DARC, has become a Silent Key.

Don’t forget: check your email for a message with the subject “Ballot for 2018 Ballot for DARC Officers – REVISED”. Vote for your 2018 officers and directors!

AO-91 (Fox-1B), our newest amateur radio cubesat, is open for business!

SKYWARN recognition day is coming up on December 1st and 2nd. There’s a webinar to help you find out more about it.

Did you like NPOTA? Do you like SOTA? There’s a new -OTA coming on December 11th: NASA on the Air!

We have one more big public service event in our area this year: the Dallas Marathon. It’s on Sunday, December 10th, and more than a hundred hams will be helping to make the event a success! Email Bob, W5BJ or John, N5TIM at to volunteer.

From the world of science:

Gobble, gobble. Gobble, GOBBLE! Get out of our way, we’re turkeys!

A submarine is as complicated and dangerous as a spacecraft…and it looks like this one, the ARA San Juan, might never be found.

House flies are gross. Now, there’s new information to prove they’re even more dangerous and disgusting than you probably thought.

The flat-earth space program has had a temporary setback, but it looks like plans to boil launch an “astronaut” in a flying vegetable steamer will soon be reheated.

Finally, NASA is experimenting with some really neat chain-mail tires. I wish I’d had some the morning I had three flats at once!