Tech Net News 11-04-2017

Don’t forget to sign up for Turkey Trot! It’s a big day, and we need your help.

Our November club meeting is coming up soon. We’ll be hearing from Dr. Tim Holzheimer, N6DIY as he compares the different models of SDR available today and studies their ability to deal with interference.

There are two contests in progress at the moment. The ARRL November CW Sweepstakes will run until 02:59 UTC on Monday, and the ARRL EME Contest for 50-1,296 MHz takes place this weekend as well. Don’t forget that the phone Fall Sweepstakes will take place on Nov. 18th-20th.

Are you on 630 meters yet? Even if you can’t transmit, you could listen along during a special operating event next weekend, which focuses on November 11th.

If you aren’t operating on 630 meters, but you plan to, don’t forget to apply for approval from the UTC. The on-line form has improved quite a bit. The folks at the UTC are also sending out approval emails, which is nice, though it’s unexpected.

In the world of science:

There’s an open space hidden within the Great Pyramid! It’s probably just another narrow, empty void like the Grand Gallery, but this is still amazing news because of the way in which it was the discovery was made.

N5BB would like to pass along a warning: many of our Kidde fire extinguishers have been recalled.

I love birds, but birds apparently do not always love broadband internet.

The outbreak of plague in Madagascar is slowing down.

My least-favorite archaeological theory has finally died! Clovis-first has become a lost cause because, you know, people have these things called “boats.”

Finally, for anyone who was annoyed by movies like “Armageddon”  and “Deep Impact,” you’ll be glad to know that scientists performed very well in an asteroid tracking drill.



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