Tech Net News 09-16-2017

The DARC Radio in the Park event is tomorrow! Don’t forget to come on out and say, “hi!”

The most interesting contest this weekend is the Yankee Clipper Contest Club’s 40th anniversary contest. How else would a contest club celebrate a special day, but with yet another contest?

Please take note of this important information presented by John, KB5NJD: register your station, EOC, or Field Day location if you might use 630 or 2,200 meters. You can contact kb5njd for more information.

Mike, KG5P, mentioned that the Route 66 special event is active on the air!

Read more to find out about news from the world of science.

The most important science news of the week is that this year’s Ig Nobel prizes have been awarded! Each year, these awards recognize unique research that cannot or should not be repeated. Some of the work is silly…some is brilliant…all of it is unique.

It’s long been standard fitness advice that you can’t “spot reduce.” That is, you can’t eliminate fat from your arms by doing push-ups. You can only remove fat from your whole body all at once. That might no longer be true!

In case you hand’t noticed already, flat earthers are very silly people.

Finally, robots made of DNA could be used to transport medicines to where they’re needed.


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