Tech Net News 09-02-2017

G. D. Gierliński et al./Proc Geol. Assoc.

Our next club meeting is this coming Tuesday. Join us at the Dallas Medical Center to hear NWS meteorologist Jason Dunn speak about reading weather radar. Our board meeting is at 6:00 pm, our program is at at 7:00. Both meetings are public and take place in the 3rd floor Community Room of the main hosptial building. Don’t worry—parking is free.

Don’t forget to bring some extra cash to the meeting! We’ll have raffle tickets on sale for our December Dinner grand prize, a Yaesu FT-991A.

We have an on-line form you can use if you’d like to volunteer to help us support the 2017 Lifewalk on October 1st, and the Plano Amateur Radio Klub has a site up for those who’d like to help at the Plano Balloon Festival.

There don’t seem to be many contests or operating events going on, but FISTS has a Straight Key contest in progress. Maybe you know of some operating events you can mention during the net?

In the world of science:

It looks like the classic sci-fi movie “When Worlds Collide” might really happen…but it’ll be comets, and not for more than 1.3 million years.

One problem with studying fossils of ancient humans is that for most of our history, we were pretty rare animals. So few fossils have been found that you never know when something exciting and controversial will pop up, like these ancient footprints.

Don’t pick your nose if you’re a dragon! Dragon boogers are harmless, but can be annoying to those using lakes and rivers this holiday weekend.

What do you have in common with stars like Selena Gomez? Well, if you use Instagram, what you have in common is that your phone number and other contact information is now for sale on hacking websites.

Finally, did you hear about the scientists in the 1990s who gave Prozac to clams? There work must have been pretty influential, because antidepressants are increasingly being found in Great Lakes fish.


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