Tech Net News 08-26-2017

If you attended today’s Lecture and Lab, I hope you had fun! If you need a copy of Budd’s original Buddipole plans, you can find them here. My add-on page of changes is available in this file. Some of you also had questions about the choke balun that I use. You can find more information in this “RFI-HAM” document; I followed the bifilar choke instructions on page 37. [Edit in 2020: the information about the “radio doughnut” chokes has been moved to a separate choke cookbook.]

Our next club meeting will be on September 5th. NWS radar expert Jason Dunn will present on “Reading Weather Radar.”

Don’t forget to sign up for Lifewalk! Members, check your email! The DARC will be supporting this charity run/walk on Sunday, October 1st. Club members have received sign-up links in their email. Non-members who’d like to help should send us a message using the contact form.

In the world of science and technology…

It looks like this one weird antibody can reduce belly fat and prevent osteoporosis.

A new experiment supports earlier theories that it rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune.

The popular Chrome web browser may soon offer the ability to mute annoying websites. Maybe someday I’ll be able to leave my computer speakers turned on!

In what may be the greatest understatement of the past 65 million years, it seems that being hit by an asteroid is “rather unpleasant.” 99% of sunlight would have been blocked by soot for at least two years after the impact, killing all terrestrial and marine plants. Conditions would not have improved much during the first seven years!