Lecture and Lab 08-26-2017: What to Bring

We will have several extra sets of parts at the August Lecture and Lab, so don’t panic if you forgot to pre-register. What should you bring with you to the build?

At the very least, you’ll want to bring your choice of feedline connector. For many hams this will be a panel-mount SO-239, but you might prefer a panel-mount N or BNC. You’ll also need to bring some electrical tape, and possibly some coax if you want to test your antenna. A soldering iron and some solder will help you make much stronger connections.

The antenna build uses only common tools: a small hacksaw or other fine-toothed saw, a tape measure, a pencil, and a drill with a 1/8-inch bit. You might also want to bring a simple terminal crimping tool such as those formerly sold by Radio Shack. We’ll have all those tools available, but if you have your own handy the build will go faster.

You might also want to bring a stand for your antenna and an antenna analyzer, but it’s probably better if you tune your antenna at home: an office building is not the best place to try out an HF antenna!

The Lecture and Lab starts at 10:00 am (socializing starts at 9:30) in the 3rd-floor community room of the Dallas Medical Center. The community room is in the main hospital building and parking is free. We should be done well before the 3:00 pm scheduled end time.


4 thoughts on “Lecture and Lab 08-26-2017: What to Bring

  1. It’s at 10 AM. There’s really no lecturing planned beyond “I have a lot of fun with this antenna and you will too,” so we’ll just get to building.

    We have several extra kits…don’t be shy, come on out!

  2. I can’t attend Saturday, but I’ll happily buy a kit of parts if one leftover… unsold kits should go to attendees first, of course.

    Thanks, Ken