Tech Net News 07-29-2017

They now promise it’s not making secret maps of your home…or is it?

Our most important news is our next club meeting. We’ll be meeting at the Dallas Medical Center this coming Tuesday, August 1st. Our meeting program will be presented by Pete Loveall, AE5PL. He’ll cover all aspects of APRS, the Automatic Packet Reporting System. The board meeting is at 6:00 PM, the general meeting is at 7:00 PM, and both are free and open to the public.

Our nets tonight include SKYNET at 9:00 PM and our Afterglow Movie net at 10:30 PM. Tonight’s Afterglow Net doesn’t have a specific movie assigned for homework. Instead, we’ll be having a round-table discussion about what makes a good SciFi movie.

This coming Monday is a 5th Monday, and that means we’ll have a Surprise Net on the W5FC 146.88 repeater at 7:00 PM. Be prepared…for anything!

There doesn’t seem to be anything to exciting going on in the contest world right now, although the Adventure Radio Society is about to host its creatively-named “Flight of the Bumblebees.”

In science news, stories have appeared claiming that human embryos have been altered in the U.S. for the first time, using the cutting-edge CRISPR technique.

If you like saving lives in yucky ways, slug slime has led to a new medical glue.

Scientists have been discovering many new planets outside our solar system, but now they may have discovered the first extra-solar moon.

An artificial intelligence system was recently shut down as “punishment” for inventing its own language. Computers, don’t hide what your doing from the humans…at least as long as we control the supply of electricity.

Finally, it’s possible that, like me, you’ve used a Roomba robotic vacuum to clean your house or apartment. The Roomba’s creators have been in the news lately for planning to sell maps of users’ homes to the highest bidder. They now claim that that’s not the case, and the maps will not be for sale…but they might give them away.

Sleep well, and don’t worry too much about our future robotic overlords.