Tech Net News 07-22-2017

Credit: Hawkes, et al.

It looks like a quiet week in the world of ham radio. There don’t seem to be any major contests going on, but there is an interesting series of QRP “fox hunt” events taking place in the 20-meter band.

Our August 1st DARC meeting program will be all about APRS, and presented by Pete Loveall, AE5PL.

Looking forward to this time next month, it looks like there will be many special events on the air to mark the Great American Eclipse. Plenty of Eclipse information is available from NASA, too.

I’m not quite sure whether this is a robotics discovery or advice on growing an unusual garden plant, but this week’s most unusual science story is a about an artificial tentacle. Behaving partly like a robot and partly like a vine, it’s made of plastic and it can do strange things.

Google is collaborating with public health officials and scientists to fight the frightening Zika virus with weaponized mosquitoes.

Cows turn out to be very effective at fighting the HIV virus.

Underground caves may be used to build advanced batteries in the near future, capable of powering entire cities. They WILL NOT fit into your next go box.

Finally, in local science news, it looks like a local university is strongly involved in a major new project to learn more about neutrinos.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Moon Day!