Tech Net News 07-08-2017

Remember that our next club meeting will be on this coming Tuesday, July 11th. There’s more information in our newsletter.

We’re also looking for volunteers to help out with Moon Day at the Frontiers of Flight Museum on Saturday, July 22nd. This is a really fun event, full of smart, energetic kids who want to learn more about science and technology. Check out our newsletter and come on out and participate.

There’s only one operating opportunity that I know of this weekend, the 10-10 International Spirit of 76 QSO Party.

In science news, it looks like “crows do not enter” signs really are effective at keeping crows from disrupting construction sites.

A practical (but very simple) processor has been constructed from carbon nanotubes!

Drones are fun, but they can also smuggle escape tools to prison inmates.

And finally, it looks like the perchlorates in Martian soil make a pretty good disinfectant. That’s not good for Martian life or future colonists.



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