Tech Net News 5-13-2017

Unfortunately, there’s a new piece of ransomware rapidly spreading on the internet. Bill, N5BB, has advised me that Microsoft has even taken the extraordinary step of releasing patches for no-longer-supported operating systems like Windows XP! It looks like the attacks may have stopped for now…temporarily. Make backups! Keep your systems up to date!

Please remember that HamCom and Field Day are coming up soon. Have you volunteered to help the club? We always need a little bit of help to staff our table at HamCom and loads of help to make Field Day a success.

I don’t see much on the contest calendar this week, though there’s a QSO party going on in Arkansas.

Club members are still planning on having a Radio in the Park day on Sunday, May 21st. This is a fun, informal event. Feel free to stop by if the weather is good!

In science news, remember that it’s bird and duckling season. There are hundreds of nesting water birds at the UTSW rookery that you can admire…and smell.

Speaking of smell, at least one researcher would like to argue that the human sense of smell is better than we think.

It also looks like NASA will not be launching humans on the first flight of its new Space Launch System.

Finally, remember that even though exercise doesn’t actually help you lose weight, it’s good for you in other ways, too!