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AN UPDATE by Randy Patterson KE5JIT – Special Projects Officer

Many of you have received within the past few hours a message that reads as follows:

Congratulations! Your application to DALLAS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB has been accepted and you have been added to the club roster.

You may access the private club roster, calendar and other member only information by visiting If it is your first time using HamClubOnline, click on the forgot password link to receive a password.

Welcome aboard, 73!

During 2016 the DARC Board authorized moving our documents to being saved electronically.  We have been able to do this at not expense to the club.

For years, we have looked for a better way of keeping up with our records other than a spreadsheet.  Earlier this year David KG5EIU, our Vice-President located a site called “HamClubOnline.Com”

A team of DARC members have been working with and testing this site for a couple months now.  We have exchanged questions/request/requirements/recommendation and more during this time and have received almost immediate response and cooperation in make recommendations/changes and answering all our questions.  This software was shared during the April DARC Board meeting.

The DARC Board passed a resolution during the April Board Meeting to move forward with this format.  As a result, we have completed inputting all current DARC members into the database.  We had to send a Welcome Message” to members who were not already aware of this or members from another club using the same tool.

When you go to, it will give the option to sign in or register.  Once you have completed whichever step you need to complete, it will change screens and you will see your information followed by:

You are currently on the roster of the following HamClubOnline club(s):

DARC – Member (Membership expires: 2018-01-01)
(Click the club name to view the club menu.)

Click on DARC and it will show you a screen of options (note: some of these options we still have not activated yet, but is a future project we are working on updating.)

Member Functions that you will be able to see are:
Club Roster
Club Calendar
Send Message to Club Management
Newsletters & Communications
View Your Attendance
View Your Skills
Elections & Surveys
Assigned Club Assets
Add Membership Time / Make a Payment

FCC Callsign Lookup

As we move forward, we will give updates on what you will be able to view from this location.

We are excited to have located, been able to test and work with this tool.  As we move forward, we will share more information with you during meetings.

Should you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note.  Any of the team involved with testing will be happy to respond.


Randy KE5JIT

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