Tech Net News 5-6-2017

Don’t forget to check out our latest club newsletter. We’re still looking for help with our club VE sessions and for preparing for Field Day. Ham-Com is coming up in just a month! Start preparing your shopping list, and remember that the club will need your help to staff our table. Several members are also planning to have a “radio in the park” day on Sunday, May 21st, at Dreyfuss Point (Street View here) at 1:00 PM. Bring your enthusiasm, and maybe a radio and an antenna, and have fun!

There are a few contests and QSO parties in progress tonight. There are QSO parties in Indiana and Delaware, as well as one for the whole 7th call district. That one is complicated, so please check out the rules before you participate.

In the world of geeky science news…

The first new ALS treatment in 22 years has just been approved by the FDA. It doesn’t do much, but it does something…and with enough work, future treatments will do even more.

Now, don’t panic. Supposedly, none of the affected computers were sold to consumers. Of course, I sometimes buy used computers from businesses and maybe you do, too. It seems like most Intel-based business computers sold during or after 2010 have a horrible security vulnerability that lets people take over the computer over the internet without a password.

Have you ever played one of those “claw machines” at a pizza place or an arcade? Have you noticed how they don’t work? It turns out that the claw can be programmed to not really grab on to things, and that most owners program it to behave that way at almost all the time. A trade group is now calling for that to stop. Bring on the cheap stuffed bunnies!