Tech Net News 4-22-2017

Don’t forget that we have a sales tax holiday in progress for emergency readiness supplies. Now’s the time to prepare!

Not much is going on in the world of contesting this week, but the Nebraska QSO party could be fun.

We do have a meteor shower peaking tonight, the Lyrids. If you can get to a dark location, you’ll enjoy them!

You might have been celebrating Earth Day today, but as you strive to pick up litter and take care of our environment—and this is not a joke—don’t forget that space litter is becoming a more and more serious problem. I hate to see water bottles lying around the park, but at least they don’t come at me at 25,000 miles an hour.

A new study alleging diet soft drinks can cause strokes is a great demonstration of correlation not proving causation.

Finally, don’t forget that DARC members can help out with a triathlon this coming weekend. I did this last year. If you have the time, it’ll be fun!