News and Announcements for Tech Net on 2-25-2017

Here are some links to more information about the brief announcements and bulletins I’ll be giving tonight.

The Dallas Amateur Radio Club needs your help next weekend! Please give us a hand at the Irving Hamfest. Let us know how you can help: volunteers are especially needed for set-up (12:01 AM on Saturday for about two hours) and take-down (1:30 PM on Saturday for about two hours). There are jobs available during the day, too. Please let us know you’re interested and we’ll let you know more. Remember, volunteers get free admission!

We have two main contests going on this week, the CQ WWW 160-meter SSB contest and the Novice Rig Round-Up.

In the world of science, remember that the beautiful American White Pelican is still visiting our area lakes and rivers, including both White Rock Lake and Lake Ray Hubbard. Nesting season is under way for all of our local birds, including eagles, hawks, owls, and shore brids like herons. There’s a great rookery (heronry) at the UT Southwestern Memorial Garden.

Apollo 11 will be coming to Texas this fall! Houston is not exactly next door, but it’s an easy drive.

The LIGO experiment will help answer whether dark energy or Newton’s good old law of gravity controls the expansion of the universe.

Don’t forget to learn more about the latest findings about the planetary system around TRAPPIST-1.

You need to eat more vegetables than you thought. Roughly twice as many. Personally, I prefer apples and pears, which seem to help.